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Charming error

Elena Beňušová

Charming errorStrongly influenced by tradition, till the present day and alongside with the weaving craft, činovať (featuring plastic patterns) has been kept alive in Orava. Elena Pavolková, a weaver of Revišné, uses such patterns, too. One day, when weaving činovať, she accidently pressed the lower part of her loom. Through this error she found out that it gave her a wider variety of patterns. Since then, she has been repeating her charming “error” rather gladly. Her original, exclusive woven works of art are in great demand. The main features of Mrs Pavolková’s works include the use of natural fabric, an excellent technique and attention to detail. As an author, she likes činovať for its practicality; činovaťové textiles are double-sided.


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