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When talent meets manual dexterity

Eva Čavojcová

When talent meets manual dexterityJewellery makes a woman feel special. A cooling touch on bear skin can bring back a profound childhood memory, a single colour reflection can please not only the eye but the soul as well. There is certainly something about assertion that the hands of jewellery artists are ‘made of gold’. The famous Petra Toth is one of such artists. A Bratislava native, she has been culturing and fine-tuning her own creativity ever since she turned six. Even at such a young age, she already knew what exactly she would like to do for a living. Although she was not offered a place at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (VŠVU), she did believe she would make it without the degree, anyway. She has never given up her dream, living it, virtually, to this day. Each of Petra’s collections emanates a great deal of high-quality hand-made art, as well as her personal involvement. In her studio, she has numerous pictures of folk costumes, as well as ribbons and embroideries from which she takes inspiration. For her creations she uses several ancient symbols. Out of these, the heart is generally well known, and it became the leading symbol for her entire collection. Another motif is a four-leaf clover, believed to bring good luck. When asked which of her successes she values most, the artist smiled and replied, “My biggest success is the fact that I’ve been able to keep developing my own brand despite a difficult environment. I am free to take decision about my work, no one dictates me what to do. To live freely in today’s world is an absolute privilege and I don’t take it for granted.“


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