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When jewellery has its own way

Zuzana Duchová

When jewellery has its own wayMisbEhAVed is a design project by Ján Pernecký, Tomáš Tholt and Matej Hoppan – three architects attempting to bring to the public works of product design, making use of contemporary technologies and experimental processes inspired by nature. Being all architecture graduates, they, however, often take their discipline further, towards product design, programming, or free art. Their exciting project resulted in three individual jewellery collections, strongly emphasizing a generative process. In this way, the final object is not designed directly, it is rather being built on the basis of rules defined in advance, as a course of simulation in real time. Project’s title was purposefully not translated from English to Slovak, as the former is the communication language for this segment of design. It conveys the essence of creative processes in which algorithms not always follow orders of the artist but, at times, have its own way. The final product is a functional piece of jewellery. However, it could well be a different form – a house, a clothing item, and so on. The artists went for jewellery mainly due to its practical nature and feasibility. A generative approach to creative processes means a significant change in thinking as far as design is concerned. Final design, however, is not limited to jewellery as the ultimate aim of creativity. It rather experiments with its traditional forms, breaking conventions, asking questions about relationships between design and human body, taking further processes that involve design and production.


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