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Creative vacations

Helena Veličová

Summer Academy of JewelleryThe Summer Academy of Jewellery was founded in 2004 by Hany Kašičková at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (VŠVU), where she graduated from Studio S + M + L_XL – Metal and Jewel, under the supervision of Professor Karol Weisslechner. This summer, the project will mark its thirteenth year; the general public will learn about the craft of a goldsmith and the work of a jewellery artist. The use of the term general public is, in this case, truly justified, as courses are aimed for everyone from sixteen onwards, the only precondition being reasonably good sight. The rest you will learn from experienced lecturers, experts in their own areas of expertise, mostly graduates from metal and jewellery departments. A novelty is a course entitled Personal Ring Made of Gold and a course entitled Kinetic Jewellery, both marking the 80th birthday of Anton Cepka, a Slovak and international distinguished jewellery artist. The crucial thing is that during all coursed you will use your own creativity, no matrix will be at hand, but you will bring to fruition your own ideas. There are also courses on offer during academic year, aimed at those who prefer more personalised approach and who were unable to join a course during vacations. This year’s Summer Academy of Jewellery will be launched on 11th July.


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