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Priestess of parallel words

Alena Bušíková

Priestess of parallel wordsJewellery is today perceived mainly as an aesthetic phenomenon; however, when looking at Elvíra Golombošiová’s works of art, you must return to the roots. Originally from the Ukraine, the artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (VŠVU) and, later on, in Germany, where is currently lives and works. Nature has become her context, her inspiration to visualise her ideas and picture her final work of art – jewellery. It is in this context that fantasy and imagination work further, as two processes taking inspiration from never-ending resources of subconsciousness and unconsciousness that give a particular work of art an archetypal character, so typical for creations by Elvíra Golombošiová. In cooperation with Hector Lass, originally from Columbia, she is currently launching the Oraїk project that was conceived last year at Ibiza. Oraїk introduces jewellery as an object of magic, as an amulet, or as a precious, mysterious object of certain metaphysical qualities. It is also for this reason that each and every work of art, made for sale, is unique, produced most diligently, originality being at its heart. Her creations as such are based on modelling bee wax that enables her both to capture a gesture of the human hand and also to work spontaneously, which is, in the case of this particular brand image, crucial. Finally, metal is poured into these wax models (moulds), whilst using exclusively natural materials such as silver, gold and precious stones. Beautiful pieces, such as rings, the brand philosophy, as well as other information about Oraїk could be found at www.oraik.eu.


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