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Ceramic beauty

Katarína Šuchová

Ceramic beautyA jewellery artist Katarína Kluková from Medzibrod was captivated by working with clay right during her studies at the School of Applied Arts in Kremnica. She creates unique collections of striking ceramic jewellery that are surprisingly light and easy to wear. At the beginning, ceramic jewellery is fired in a kiln, the process is finished by attaching a clip to a piece of jewellery, so that it could be worn as an earing, a pendant or a bracelet. When Katarína Kluková strives for elegance and luxury, she uses gold or platinum for decoration, applying them as liquids with the use of a paintbrush. Whilst still finding new methods and variations in relation to her ceramics, Katarína Kluková has been engaged in this craft for five years.


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