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Wicker in architecture

Miroslava Otépková

Wicker in architectureWe can come across wicker in architecture even today. It is popular for its elasticity, it is easily shaped and, what is essential, it is an ecological material supporting permanent sustainability. In our country we come across constructions made of wicker mostly in landscape architecture. They are produced by a few specialised companies as well as amateur enthusiasts. Wicker can be applied in the construction of fences, summer houses and sculptures but there are also wicker constructions for children in the form of tunnels, jungle gyms and hideouts that can also be very inspirational. In this article we present a unique project of wicker membranes in Chile, an unusual wicker shelter built on a sandy beech in the Belgian Wenduin, wicker sculptures in the Netherlands and Belgium and many other inspirations in which wicker is the key word.


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