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Viliam Meško – stories in wood

Barbora Kanávorová

Viliam Meško: Príbehy v dreveAn enthusiastic folklorist, exceptional wood carver, musician, singer, dancer, painter and comic. Simply, a universal talent and an excellent person. This is the Master of Folk Art Production Viliam Meško. He was born and grew up in the country known for its music, singing and dance, emblazoned with legends of courageous brigands, in the village of Terchová. For many years now, he has been living and working in Bratislava and Rovinka (Senec district). The memories of his life, especially his childhood and youth, are reflected also in music, singing and dance, in addition to woodcarving. The title of Master of Folk Art was awarded to Viliam Meško for his unique figurative work. In his work he applies manufacturing techniques such as the chipping of wood, impressions in wood, circling and patination he himself has invented. He has created his own characteristic artistic expression and a unique carver’s handwriting. Why is the artist himself emphasizing his creative work with timber? „A song or music will disappear from people’s memory but timber will stay and survive... Even a hundred years later there will be people who will understand what I wanted to say.“


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