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The story of cover page baskets

Eva Ševčíková

The story of cover page basketsWhen searching for suitable objects for the cover page of this edition of our journal focusing on basket making, we chose, quite naturally, the baskets made by Milan Trnka of Liptovský Hrádok. Application of natural wicker, pleasant design and colour scale, good quality craftsmanship – these are the attributes of his work. The baskets tell another powerful story of how he had to overcome obstacles following his car accident that had bound him to a wheelchair. Milan Trnka talks calmly and frankly about it: „I have been working with wicker for more than twenty years now. After a serious car accident that had completely changed my life, I was looking for an activity that would match my situation and give my life a meaning. The accident had changed my life completely. What is vital to other people, is of no importance to me. What I need is a balance of mind, not to worry about the things I cannot change. When, after some time, I came out and presented my production of baskets, there were often reactions such as: „What? Can you make it?“ But my basket making skills have attracted other people’s interest. I gladly present my skills at various events and in 2004 started cooperating with ÚĽUV. I feel that ÚĽUV and the manufacturers are one big family and I am happy to be one of them.“


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