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Natural materials as therapy

Michala Lipková

Natural materials as therapyNatural materials have an effect on all our senses and the current digital way of life simply requires a compensation in the form of a natural, traditional environment. We talked to the designer Veronika Kotradyová about a possibility of creating a more natural and healthier interior. In the interview she told us why the selection of the material is of key importance for our living environment and how we can improve the quality of our lives just by selecting suitable materials for the interior. In addition, the artist has also disclosed her ideas on the application of natural fabrics in the interior. „ The natural fabrics are very similar to wood. They are warm, elastic, pleasant to touch and able to regulate the micro-climate in the space. They are also a good example of how a material can become a medium and working with the material can become a therapy. As a designer, I have worked, in addition to timber, more often with natural textiles and felt than natural fibres, but I myself also own several baskets made of wicker that make my home cosier and can recommend this material, at least a few smaller items and accessories, for a healthy interior.“


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