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Master Oľga Lórántová – Easter eggs full of life

Ivana Tinesová

Master Oľga Lórántová – Easter eggs full of lifeOľga Lórántová is an inexhaustible well of memories. They flow rapidly from her in a single sigh. She likes to talk about her native village Dubová in the Brezno district, the years spent in Hungary and her come-back to Slovakia. The witty stories from her life are often concluded by the catching chiming laughter. We had tackled a number of topics during our interview but always ended up at the decoration of Easter eggs. For her unique creation of Easter eggs decorated by scratching Oľga Lórántová obtained the title Master of Folk Art Production in 2015. She has been devoted to Easter eggs decoration for more than 30 years now. In that time she has created an endless variety of scratched Easter eggs. She says that to prepare the egg shell properly, clean it and dye it is real work, the decoration itself is fun. Oľga Lórántová, who lives in Horná Lehota now, is very happy when people admire her art and talks about her work with pride. She was extremely pleased when it was appreciated also by the specialised commission of ÚĽUV.


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