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Light from wicker

Helena Veličová

Light from wickerThe author of the contribution has recently visited the Department of Design and Wood Products of the Joseph Vydra’s School of Applied Art in Bratislava. In addition to many works made of wood, they store various baskets, vessels, benches or even decorative objects made of wicker. As one of the tasks the undergraduates take up also the traditional handicraft of basket making during their studies. Therefore, it is not surprising that we can find wickerwork there but what is surprising is the fact that we rarely come across this material in the local design. In spite of the fact that suitable willow tree twigs grow quite widely in our geographical regions and the technique of wickerwork and basket making has had a long tradition in our country. Wickerwork products are thought to be very specific abroad. Moreover, these items meet the currently required standards of ecological design. Why is it then, that we hardly meet a designer or a brandname on our market that would be transforming basket making systematically into present day design?


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