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Handbags full of stories

Petra Šištíková

Handbags full of stories Handbags are a secret passion. In the course of the years the author of this contribution has created a very decent collection of them. There are also some vintage treasures from different periods that have a special place in it. The most precious sample is a handbag made of wicker. It has an atypical shape of a capsule, supplemented with a leather strap and a metal clasp. It has survived two wars and has not suffered any loss in its elegance. It is fascinating mainly for its unique appearance but also the life story of the lady who used to own it. The author presents several interesting stories of atypical handbags. The first story takes us to Africa. Zwazva handbags attract one’s attention immediately with their unusual sizes and the half-moon shape. The main protagonist of another African story is the fashion designer Akosua Afriye-Kumi. She applies wickerwork techniques, tested by the centuries, in the production of modern handbags made of raffia that are special for their rich colour scale and unique design. Toino Abel is another story taking place on the European continent. This make was established by Nuno Henriques with the aim to preserve the tradition of basket making in Portugal.


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