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Great masters‘ times are gone

Eva Ševčíková

Great masters‘ times are gone Peter Spáčil made his first basket suitable for sale when he was ten years old. He had made use of his creative skills when working for the ÚĽUV for some time, but mainly in his own company focusing on the production of baskets made of peeled wicker for grocery shops. In 1991 he was awarded the title Master of Folk Art Production, just as his parents Joseph and Kathrin. The story of the basket making Spáčils‘ family of Hlohovec, however, goes even deeper to the past. Nevertheless, we felt a certain melancholy during the interview with the master. He feels that the professional basket making, in the form he and his company represent, is a dying craft. „We are dying out. Really. I could count the basket makers here, in this region, who can make it and are partially earning their living by it, on the fingers of one hand.“ Peter Spáčil has managed to learn a lot from the knowledge of old masters. To keep the family tradition he has found a niche in the market outside Slovakia where his production is thought to be unique and in demand.


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