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„Meeting the manufacturers gives my work a sense“

Zuzana Strešnáková

Meeting the manufacturers gives my work a senseThe Centre for Folk Art Production has built up a firm position in the community of manufacturers and the professional as well as the general public in the long years of its existence. We talked to its director general Mgr. Dana Kľučárová, PhD., and she told us what had been achieved in the past, jubilee, 70th year of its existence and also what are its future ambitions. In the interview you will read about ÚĽUV’s achieved goals as well as plans for the future. „The year 2016 is the year of the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council. On this occasion we will run a weavers‘ symposium which will be held in the newly launched Regional Centre of Crafts in Košice in the summer. Košice will also see a gathering of the World Crafts Council members. To conclude our summer activities, there will be the traditional Days of ÚĽUV’s Craftsmen. In addition to some further activities and events, we will be working on the design of tutoring programmes and consultations for manufacturers, in the programme period focused on the support of the creative and cultural industry“ says the director general.


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