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Petra Šištíková

InspirationsFolk culture has always been a popular part of our lives and it seems that it is even increasing in popularity now. Also the present day young generation is discovering the beauty that had been forgotten and deposited in grandma’s wooden chests. Paradoxically, globalisation and the growth of digital technologies in the 21st century are an impulse for a return to hand made crafts and traditional techniques. Thus folk art and its varous expressions are coming back to people either in their historical forms or re-interpreted shapes. This trend has been followed also by the exhibition called Inspirations that was on since 15 May to 1 November 2015 in the main building of the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava in Vajanského nábrežie. In a self-contained space the exhibition presented historical traditional clothes from across Slovakia as well as modern creations by fashion designers whose work had been inspired by folk textiles and clothes. Clothes, textiles and jewels were the main thematic content of Inspirations.


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