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Fashion should be perceived in all its complexity...

Helena Veličová

Fashion should be perceived in all its complexity......are the words of Dana Kleinert, a fashion designer, who has received several awards for her work, e.g., she was the Slovak winner at the international competition Young Creative Enterpreneur in London and, two years later (2013), obtained the National Award for Design. However, she has not stayed with fashion design only, on the contrary, she decided to assist the improvement of the overall situation in the Slovak fashion design and fashion industry. Following her graduation in fashion design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2000, she quickly launched her own brand and, subsequently, her own shop – The Dana Kleinert Design Studio. Although she had to close it down, she continued to sell her things in the multi-brand shops. She also founded the organisation Slovak Fashion Council in 2011, through which she now tries to support young fashion designers‘ start ups by various activities, create an awareness of local brands in Slovakia as well as give information about them abroad. She cooperates with a deaf dressmaker, runs a creative camp for deaf children, thereby creating new horizons and work opportunitites for them.


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