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Bacteria and corn – future fashionable trends?

Dana Tomečková

Bacteria and corn – future fashionable trends?Vlasta Kubušová and Zuzana Gombošová are young Slovak designers who studied abroad and their diploma projects are also somewhere beyond the „border“ of modern design, more precisely, at the border between science and research, on the one hand, and experimenting with the material, on the other one. What they both have in common is the curiosity and big enthusiasm, interest in production processes, ecology and permanent sustainability. In her own words, Zuzana is doing the „speculative design“, while Vlasta is more inclined towards the „inclusive and collaborative“ one. With both of them, however, more essential than the definition is the overlap to areas where there is nothing yet, only a creative process and a free way to the unknown, exploration of future materials. Zuzana Gombošová’s thesis The Invisible Resources explores the option of controlling the origin of bacterial cellulose by a specially designed instrument. Vlasta Kubušová’s thesis Crafting Plastics! focuses on the production of glasses and macs. Combining crafts and technology, speedy and slow production methods, she studies the option of bio-plastic materials derived from plants.


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