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When design and crafts cross borders

Michala Lipková

When design and crafts cross bordersProjects of international presentation of local traditions have long been an established trend in western Europe. Several foreign countries have a programme of presenting the current face of their cultural heritages via one-off or even long-term exhibition projects.
In January 2014 the European Commission launched a three year project entitled Design for Europe, with the aim to support the use of design in the public and the private sectors across the EU. The project is about design but also about innovations and economics. Countries such as Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Poland have created their own communication platforms, projects and brand names promoting design in general and also spreading the knowledge of their countries and their strong qualities. The article presents 5 projects that have a common goal – to promote design as well as local traditions, crafts and cultural heritage, all enclosed in a modern visual and communicated in an attractive way.


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