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Reading is still fun

Soňa Skurčáková

Reading is still funLuckily, despite the current „electronic“ era, the printed book is still finding its place and popularity with many readers. There is an abundance of genres, styles and topics, the selection is very multifarious. Also the Centre for Folk Art Production is trying to impress, attract, teach and widen the horizons in crafts, arts and design inspired by the tradition. Annually, it has its share on the book market in Slovakia and supplements it and is also quite active in expanding the possibilities of education through library services. At the moment, its editorial activity represents the only systematic publishing activity in Slovakia focusing on literature dealing with the history and the present of handicraft and folk art production. In several editions aiming at a number of target groups it publishes various types of publications for adults, children and youth.
The ÚĽUV library offers its services via a specialised fund of classical and electronic documents dealing with local as well as international folk art, crafts, architecture, ethnography, design and other related branches. It is available to all readers including the ÚĽUV staff, tutors, attendants of the School of Crafts courses, students of secondary schools and universities, academic and research specialists as well as the general public.


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