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Learning is „in“

New trends in the training of producers

Oľga Fratričová

Learning is in | New trends in the training of producers The idea to design and systematically implement educational programmes for specific professional groups had been about in ÚĽUV even earlier. As one of the first swallows it was the educational programme „Producer in the Cultural Industry“ (in 2011 – 2012) which was a response to the current economic, social and cultural development. Its aim was to offer assistance to all prospective clients in the sphere of contemporary crafts and folk art production.
The above mentioned, still running, educational programme gives support in the building up of one’s own successful position on the market, raising of legal awareness, deepening of economic knowledge, development of production practice and marketing skills and, last but not least, better understanding of the conditions of cooperation with ÚĽUV. Briefly, the course is oriented to the personal development of the producer in the current cultural, social and economic environment. The target group of the educational programme are mainly producers of folk art production, craftsmen, graduates of other courses of the ÚĽUV School of Crafts, students of art schools and other prospective clients.


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