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Ján and Anna Pečuks: the majolica story

Petra Kolláriková

Ján and Anna Pečuks: the majolica storyAnna and Ján Pečuks, a married couple, live in Šenkvice and since 1986 have been jointly working on the production of traditional decorative and every day majolica products, figurative works and souvenir items. Nowadays, they belong to the best producers in their branch.
Ján Pečuk’s manifold majolica production is exceptional mainly for its manually modelled figurative work. In an interesting expression of movement he captures scenes of rural people’s every day life, such as winemaking or crafts. He often shapes these figures right in front of the public, at the markets, keeping them as souvenirs then. He applies his mastership of figurative shortcut also in the production of decorative plates. A specific section of his production are tiles painted by figurative, plant and zoomorphic motifs. Very often these motifs are drawn from the rich sources of painted Haban (Hutterite) faience. Most frequently he uses clay from his environment, modelling, painting and throwing the ceramics himself. In 2014 he was awarded the title Master of Folk Art Production for his universal work in majolica, especially for the above mentioned manually shaped figurative works.


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