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In the country of handicrafts 2015

In the country of handicrafts 2015The Centre for Folk Art Production has been regularly running a bi-annual competition of handicraft creativity for children called In the Country of Handicrafts since 2006. Each year brings new, well handcrafted works, full of ideas. This year, the 5th year of the competion, 353 works from across all Slovakia had been enrolled in six competition categories according to individual materials and techniques (timber carving, wire, textile techniques, painting on glass, knitting from natural materials and a free category), traditionally in two age categories. The jury had thoroughly reviewed the works and, even though it had a difficult task, selected those that are slightly more progressive. On the whole, 32 works were awarded prizes and 12 works certificates of merit. All works enrolled in the competition will be presented at the pan-Slovakian exhibition in the newly opened premises of the ÚĽUV Regional Crafts Centre in Košice in the autumn.


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