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Children are mischief makers who need attention...

Diana Némethová

Children are mischief makers who need attention...Since 2012 a rather large set of creative work sheets called Mischief Maker in the Region has been coming out in the „ÚĽUV for Children“ edition with the aim to cover, step by step, all the regions of Slovakia. The intention is to illustrate to children of the younger school age regional differences in crafts and traditional folk culture in a playful manner. The authors of this edition have tried to choose crafts and activities of traditional folk culture that are typical as well as unique for a given region for individual work sheets. Working with the work sheets is quite simple, individual sheets are thematically focused, contain an illustration, a verse from a folk song, proverb or some other folk wisdom and the definition, i.e., the task where the child can, e.g., compare and sort geometrical patterns, colour in, cut out, fill in and, at the same time, exercise his or her fine motor skills. The work sheets are aimed at schools but can be used also by parents or grandparents who would like to spend their active leisure time with children in an entertaining way and illuminate our traditions and crafts to them.


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