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Alžbeta Mrázová: tradition from Špania Dolina

Ivana Tinesová

Alžbeta Mrázová: tradition from Špania DolinaAlžbeta Mrázová lives in Nová Dubnica where, in her flat, she tirelessly draws, combines and makes bobbin lace mainly that from Špania Dolina. Alžbeta Mrázová avails of a wide scale of patterns. She creates covers of all shapes and sizes, jewels and decorations and, at the same time, passes all her knowledge on. In 2014 she was awarded the title Master of Folk Art Production by ÚĽUV for the preservation and development of bobbin lace.
She is very creative in her work, enjoying it thoroughly and trying to captivate the public with new ideas at various events. She makes use of natural materials, such as linen and cotton, in her work. The contribution of this master is not only in the precisely made products but also in her willingness to teach further clients the art of bobbin lace. In 1995 she established the Club of Bobbin Lace in Nová Dubnica. In the 20 years of its existence its members have become well known in Slovakia as well as abroad.


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