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The Youngest Generation of Women Textile Designers

Mária Fulková

The Youngest Generation of Women Textile DesignersWe are introducing the youngest generation of graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts (Textile Design Studio), whose thesis arose in cooperation with industrial manufacterers or are the result of an experiment.
Anna Kasanová expresses herself through painting and tries to maintain the atmosphere of the preliminary sketches in the finished design product. Her practical dissertation work is a collection of textiles for the bedroom, inspired by the atmosphere of nature. Zuzana Mišovičová is dedicated to the design of curtains. She has designed a number of patterns with field flowers motifs that are implemented using jacquard fabric technology, woodburning or digital printing. Kristina Sekerová is inspired by the processes that arise from rusting. A collection of patterns for upholstery is presented through upholstered seating. Zuzana Zmateková addresses the impact of new media on our aesthetic perception. The aim of the thesis was to bring to the design process consumer interactivity, so together with the programmer, Matej Fándly, they created a program through which the consumer can try to create his own design on interactive projection canvas.



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