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Dreamy Bratislava Design Week 2015

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Dreamy Bratislava Design Week 2015After last year, Bratislava Design Week moved to summer time: the Bratislava Design Week festival was held, instead of in its autumn term, from June 8th to 14th, 2015. This constantly improving event, though it's certainly not easy for Slovakia, has attracted major designers to the capital and introduced new things to the local scene. “A dream” and “dreaming” was the theme of this year's festival. The festival was made up of 4 basic parts - the curatorial selection of exhibitors with international representation and open segments: Design Lab, Solid Area and School Area which designers and producers from Slovakia and abroad could sign-up to participate in. The major star of the festival was respected French designer, Inga Sempé, particularly known for her furniture designs for the prestigious brands of Ligney Roset or Cappellini.



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