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Contour Lines

Matej Rabada, Eva Ševčíková

Contour LinesThe dream of a young textile artist to establish his own blueprint workshop has become a reality. In the spring of 2015, Matej Rabada opened his workhop in the village of Párnica in Orava. The first work he created there was his dissertation for the municipal wedding hall. The original decoration of the space drew precisely on blueprint designs. The aim of the thesis was to fully refurbish the space and not only replace the textile elements with blueprint of new patterns. Most important was to clean the space and give it a lighter feel.
The motif on the panels that adorn the front wall of the ceremonial halls, is a redrawing the map of the village, the contours are trying to reproduce reality in part, because the main focus was on dynamic drawing. The drawing was transferred to the canvas through screen printing. The asymmetric floorplan of the hall is complemented by one-sided curtains with abstract stylized drawing of contours directly printed on a white fabric.



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