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Being One Step Ahead

Michala Lipková

Being One Step AheadThe designer, Eugenia Morpurgo, from Italy and Sophia Guggenberger, from Austria, in collaboration with FabLab Bratislava, have brought a dose of progress to shoe design. At the workshop "Another Shoes", modern technological craft as an alternative to mass production using digital technology was introduced. Current footwear consists of a number of materials and the construction of shoes, for the most part, does not allow for repair which could be handled by the actual user. Since the price of the repair itself is often higher than the purchase of a new pair, old shoes often end up in the junkyard. Eugenia and Sophia decided to work together to find an alternative. Through the project, Don't run., they introduced an experimental, open system of footwear design that can be dismantled, consists of mechanically linked parts, allowing for easy repair or replacement of parts and producible through digital control production technologies (laser cutting and 3D printing).



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