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An Artist at ÚĽUV

Eva Ševčíková

An Artist at  ÚĽUVIt's not just by chance that the artistic level of the products of the ÚĽUV network of shops is high. The artistic education of its professionals has been played an important role ever since the founding of the institution. Their mission was not only to watch over the artistic and technical quality of products, but also to be facilitators, advisors and even creators of artistic designs. We spoke to Janka Menkynova, one of the outstanding personalities, whose creative activities have been dedicated to the field of folk art production for over four decades, about the work of an artist at ÚĽUV. Products created according to her designs are well known and a constant vital part of the product range of many manufacturers.
The role of the artist in the relationship to the product and the producer was to travel to the manufacterers into the field, purchase the products directly from them, renew dying techniques or particular types of products. Gradually the production artists began to specialize, development departments came about, new products were designed – inspired by Slovak folk art in line with preserving natural materials, production technology and decoration technique, produced by selected producers. If the final product design was accepted by the artistic commission, they then became part of the range sold under the „úľuv“ brand name.



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