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The Individualization of Mass-Produced Products

Eva Veselá

The Individualization of Mass-Produced ProductsToday is a revolution in the free creating of the designer, accompanied by freedom which the customer receives in the selection of the constantly growing number of affordable "designer" options. Various alternative, creating a space for the customer who has ceased to view products only as functional objects, but consciously or unconsciously, consider them a public expression of his personality. Sterile mass produced items no longer meet the emotional needs of the customer. Therefore, the efforts of designers are emergent to personalize products and differentiate them from mass-produced goods. With the intent of differentiating the product, production is transferred from industrial, mass production to small batches and hand crafting. The positive emotions of the customer are closely linked with their pursuit of creating the object. The customer has a much greater reach and can decide not only the appearance, function and material solution of the product itself, but also regulates the production method. In order to understand the recipients of products, the designer has developed various methods that enhance the design of products in relation to a particular customer. What in the past was typical of a craftsman, developing products tailored to the customer, is currently on the rise as a new trend in the field of professional designers. We are talking about service design, which brings with it a new role for the designer, creating on the initiative of a specific customer.



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