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Taking Care of Folk Art – Yesterday and Today

Eva Ševčíková

Taking Care of Folk Art – Yesterday and TodayThe concept of folk art production constitutes the production of utility art objects, mainly from natural materials. Skilled individuals (also called producers, artisans, folk artists) continue in this creative tradition, applying their experience in working with hand crafts of the past.
Caring for the development and high quality of this kind of creative activity in Slovakia is the goal and the main activity of the Centre for Folk Art Production. The 70 years of its active role has shown to have had an impact on the form of folk art production throughout the whole period of the organization's existence. Obviously, the seven decades has meant a number of changes. Political, economic and social conditions have had an impact on all processes. The personal approach and dedication of ÚĽUV's staff have helped to overcome many obstacles, so that folk art production not only maintained, but also developed a new and innovative form. In any event, if it weren't for the people who have found affection for (as well as making a living from) crafts, the organization's activities would be meaningless. We spoke with Helena Haberernová, ÚĽUV's Deputy Director General for the Department of Folk Art Production Care of many years, about the various forms of support and collaboration with producers in the past up until today.



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