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Strength of Craft

Mila Burčíková

Strength of CraftHave you ever thought to combine a craft with the popular word wellness? The link between craft and wellness is a current matter, but definitely not a new one. Already in the 19th century. many of the inspired believed that improving their own skills through craft work is an integral part of a good and fulfilling life.
A huge, new wave of interest in hand crafts was launched, perhaps somewhat paradoxically, during the economic crisis in 2007. The impact of the crisis on the global financial markets triggered a reflection on the sustainability of the system, in which a large part of our daily needs depended on circumstances beyond our control. The decline in economic growth gradually gave birth to a sort of small craft revolution. Several media bring news that craft, inter alia, has a calming effect on the sick as well as healthy people and purposeful hand crafts help fight depression and anxiety attacks.
Handicraft work requiring hours, days and years of patience and balance, can never be fast when compared with mass production, probably not effective and in no way inexpensive. Though it can offer us something that in the world of readily available standard products, seems, has long been missing.
Within the high-quality crafted product, not only can the hand be seen, but also the mind and the soul of its author. The first-class craft product is the result of a balanced combination between dreaming, thinking and acting, which are joys for the craftsman and later, also for those who use the product.



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