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Milan Jánoš: The Technique of Splitting Boiled Wood

Petra Kolláriková

Milan Jánoš: The Technique of Splitting Boiled WoodThe technique of splitting boiled wood is a specific process, which only few are skilled in today. In Slovakia, Milan Jánoš of Bratislava, is the current master craftsman. His father, Jozef, a well known master, initiated him into the secrets of this extremely precise craft. He has been working with ÚĽUV since 1987, and in 2014 he was awarded the title of Master of Folk Art Production for original work in the production of wood. Fir or pine are used exclusively in the production technique of splitting. Patience and accuracy are very important when cutting the individual wood slices. The cutting is begun at the edge, which is the densest. The master cuts the edge of the wood to a specific length on the planer. Then the wood is heated in water to boil off the resin. After cooking, it is allowed to soak in water and the slices are taken from the water gradually as needed. Thanks to the exact size of the individual slices, the whole product is balanced. Milan Jánoš makes doves, partridges and peacocks in various sizes, using the technique of splitting boiled wood. A few years ago, he also manufactured lamp shades, colored with stain or left natural. Currently he's not involved in this production. For him, this work is a way of relaxing, a hobby and a family heritage. Milan Jánoš wants to continue with this craft, which he currently does outside of his day job.



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