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Good craftsmen are still alive... in Orava

Elena Beňušová

Good craftsmen are still alive... in OravaOrava is still considered to be a region rich in folk culture and its related living traditions. Of the numerous crafts, extended in the past within the region, are the many locations in Orava, existing without any interruption of continuity, others with an altered form. From today's perspective, the bulk of the production has the character of memorabilia. Domestic manufacturers and craftsmen are today focusing on local raw materials to keep the original traditions of the craft, in order to maintain the rural character of the region. For those from Orava, working with wood has always been an important source of income, which is an important commercial article today. Carpentry and shingle making belong amongst the oldest crafts here, although wooden, hand-split or sawn shingles are offered by many companies in the Orava region. Only one, however, draws upon the traditional methods of the old masters of shingle making. Carpentry is on the decline, because furniture production has been replaced by industrial companies, respectively, cheaper producers from Poland. Carving, though, is still alive and is relatively well represented, with its focus being mainly on figural art. Basket weaving in Orava, has survived to the present as an additional source of employment. Products of this craft are still used traditionally, but have also gained a representative utility dimension.



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