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Designers of Tools and Materials

Michala Lipková

Designers of Tools and MaterialsTrying to move beyond the mass production of products to achieve a genuine and environmentally sustainable form, leads today's designers to the creation of hybrid instruments that embody the process of creating randomness or otherwise unattainable quality. Modeled after the craftsman, or the manufacturer, designers returned to the workshop, to develop their own tools and explore the boundaries of materials. The desire to experiment is back. With the very production of articles, another phenomenon also appeared, the shift from designing final products to designing material and tools, which determines the creation of objects. The shift in the author's attention to the process itself created, as a response to the unsustainable pattern of consumption of the mass produced. The desire of designers to create custom fabrication tools appeared in product design. By designing innovative production processes and their own production tools, that allow the realization of their own products in small batches, designers and design studios are not only looking for originality, but also the practical fulfillment of the values of sustainability, social responsibility and local involvement. In this respect, we can speak of a unique original art, non-standard tools, improvisation and innovation, trying to come up with something that isn't here already.



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