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Beyond Textiles

Helena Veličová

Beyond TextilesDuring late November and early December 2014 in the Gallery of Design SCD – Satellite, an exhibition called Escapes and Returns of Textile Production by Adriena Pekárová was held. The concept of the whole exhibition project consisted of the installation, as well as talks on textile creation with participating authors that were issued as a supplement to the exhibition catalog. The curator wanted to bring a comprehensive view of the life and work of twelve Slovak artists represented at the exhibition, through personal interviews. Many interesting ideas and attitudes, not only about textiles, appeared in the interviews. The diverse exhibition brought intermedial connections between fabric, art and design, respectively, applied and free art. Another connection was the intergenerational selection of authors and the selection of artifacts, when many of the works made to function independently, created new connections when installed together and often intensified the sense of the reflected themes. The individual work, whether in content or form, became connected and created an interesting whole.



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