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The ceramic 6 months

Helena Veličová

The ceramic 6 monthsMarkéta Nováková and Mira Podmanická started their creative cooperation with the successful project „Bio-Vases 05“ in which they had to link their individual approaches to work, i.e., porcelain and sculptural work. The collection of „Bio-Vases“ was presented also at this year’s Parter Gallery (exhibition project of the Slovak Design Centre) in Bratislava, in addition to many other events. Following their successful creative cooperation they had received an offer from the artist and art gallery owner Silvia Fedorová to have a crack at the curation too, whereby the concept and, subsequently, the implementation of the international exhibition „The Vase“ appeared. The third exhibition was called „Art vs. Students“. Thus, in the course of six months, Mira and Markéta had been part of exhibitions that offered the Bratislava visitor an opportunity to see the current but mainly good quality ceramic art, whether as artists or curators.




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