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Textile design: Two encounters

Helena Veličová

Textile design: Two encountersTwo textile designers. A Slovak and a Czech. One of them has been building up her own brand-name for six years, the other one has just successfully graduated from the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. Although each of them has her own and visibly different approach to work, they are united by their love of textile, handmade techniques, nature and landscape and they are both ready to try and start new things. Michaela Bednárová, who is behind the Slovak label „Puojd“ (founded in 2008) is producing mainly souvenirs and accessories with Slovak topics and designing fabrics for other designers at present. Tereza Galbavá is very fond of experimenting, whether it be materials or traditional techniques thus bringing it to a higher lever, or non-traditional association of individual elements, as can be seen, e.g., in her collection of woollen blankets and bed linen.




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