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Soňa Bezúchová’s world of bobbins

Katarína Chruščová

Soňa Bezúchová’s world of bobbinsThe clattering sound of bobbins, several hours spent daily at the cushion, skill and a huge amount of patience, all this is necessary for the birth of a lacemaker’s work. Soňa Bezúchová (1959) is one of those who meet all these requirements and there is even something more. By means of bobbin lace images, which she designs herself, she reveals the fragile world of her interior. She makes bobbin lace with love and for the joy of others. She was born in Banská Bystrica but her roots are in Špania Dolina. Her grandmother had introduced her to the secrets of bobbin lacemaking when she was still a school girl. In the years 1975 – 1979 she obtained a deeper knowledge of design and visual art skills at the School of Applied Visual Art in Kremnica where she studied flat and sculptured metal engraving. Following her school studies she started working freelance. At the beginning it was flower motifs. Later she drew inspiration from architecture mainly the Gothic. By the end of the 1990’s Soňa Bezúchová started playing with simple forms and their combinations in different colours in her works. Among her favourite colours are ocherous, dark green, red, turqoise blue, grey, brown and white. The basis of an image is a square of a rectangle into which she inputs circles, lines, waves, other squares and coils. She bravely combines the surfaces or lines of bobbin lace with metal items, embroidery and crochet. All bobbin lace images have a high measure of stylisation, exact and thoroughly thought-out compositions. She has lately been working on housing accessories mainly cushions and table mats. One part of her work is represented by a collection of original jewels and handbags.




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