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Let’s have textiles in the flat..... textiles

Viera Kleinová

Let’s have textiles in the flat..... textilesTextiles in the flat, or rather textile designs in a private interior with a concrete author’s tag, local and foreign production, how textile designers work, authors‘ independant concepts - all this is presented in the article by means of selected trademarks and designers. The Slovak textile designer Michaela Bednárová and her label „Puojd“ have discovered a convincing way how to „offer“ Slovakia just by means of textile design in a clever and attractive manner. The local textile design, in particular the design of furnishing fabrics, is represented by a series of furnishing fabrics designs for the seating furniture made by Beáta Gerbócová, designer, visual artist and teacher. Anežka Podzemská and Dana Elsterová from the Czech Republic have founded their trademark „Durch Duo“ together. In their portfolio one can find interior and textile accessories – from clocks and wallpaper up to cushions. Another Czech make „Lavmi“, which has already found its way also to the international market, clearly illustrates how a wallpaper can change your life. Babeta Ondrová, a graphic designer originally from Slovakia and Jan Slovák, a Czech actor, script-writer and conceptual artist are behind this make. Benedetta Maracchi of Florence founded her brandname „Marakita“ in 2009. She started with handbags which she was designing from recycled materials – clothes, furnishing fabrics and pillowcases. Her strong sense of ecologically responsible production had later brought her to the idea to re-interpret the traditional Tuscan textile production while respecting the ethical principles of production. Her handbags, clothes accessories, cushions and carpets are hundred per cent Italian, made by local craftsmen in a way that is sensitive to the living environment as much as possible.




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