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Juliana Boboňková: textile dolls

Erika Švedová

Juliana Boboňková: textile dollsIn 2013 Juliana Boboňková was awarded the title „Master of Folk Art Production“ for the production of mini-dolls in traditional clothes. She lives in Košice and has been doing this work for more than 40 years. She started her cooperation with ÚĽUV (The Centre for Folk Art Production) in the 1970‘s, however, she herself had to invent the way of making, rendering and gradually improving the miniature figures dressed in traditional clothes. Later on she ran induction courses for other women. She found her inspiration in magazines, TVand books. She was trying to make the clothes simple but keep its essential features. They are made exclusively of natural fabrics such as cotton, cloth or felt. The little heads are made of polystyrene and the dolls‘ bodies are made on a plastic conical form. The individual parts are then glued. This work is a hobby for her and despite her advanced age she still feels useful.




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