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Jozefína Bíliková: timeless woven fabrics

Ivana Tinesová

Jozefína Bíliková: timeless woven fabricsIn 2013 Jozefína Bíliková from Trnava was awarded the title „Master of Folk Art Production“ for her skills and creativity with which she can rustle up beautiful interior textiles from simple linen and cotton threads. Even as a child she was fond of needlework. The first impulse came from her aunt who could master various textile techniques. From her she had learned several techniques and learnt further ones attending various courses. The beginnings of her weaving work go back to the year 2000,. At present she can boast precisely made textiles in modern shape. The core of her work lies in tablecloths, quilts, table mats, pillowcases made by homespun weave. In her work she puts emphasis on the colour scale, motifs and composition. Geometrical and plant motifs which she invented herself have become characteristic of her work.




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