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Hidden strength of the jewel

Jana Machatová

Hidden strength of the jewelBratislava saw the 6th year of the „Šperk Stret“ (Jewel Meeting) already in the early October this year, an event aimed at the present day jewel making. Its focal point was an international conference as well as a number of jewel exhibitions run on this occasion. The „Šperk Stret“ is run by the „S+M+L_XL Kov a šperk“ (S+M+L_XL metal and jewel) studio of the Academy of Visual Arts in Bratislava. This year the event, run by a team of organisers headed by Mária Hriešik Nepšinská, had an umbrella theme „Groups vs. Individualities“. The three day event had a series of lectures on the programme, the dramaturgy of which had been based on a distinctly international anchoring of the topic while taking also its practical and theoretical levels into consideration.




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