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Digital loom

Beáta Gerbócová

Digital loomWithin the process of technological processes digitisation in design, the Department of Textiles at the Academy of Visual Arts in Bratislava was able to obtain the latest model of the digital weaving loom TC2 in 2014 which was co-financed with EU resources. It is meant for the development of the woven fabric and the production of jacquard textile prototypes. Fabrics woven on it can be applied as furnishing or decorative textiles, or as an artistic artefact in the form of a tapestry. The textiles can achieve parametres of industrial quality, whereby the students have access to cooperation with the industry at home and abroad. In this way the students have obtained a huge space for the design and implementation of housing culture projects, such as covers for the seating furniture, curtains, cushions, and they can, ultimately, apply their invention in the material experiment too. The TC2 is capable of weaving an almost photographical image which, however, is „softened“ by the material itself and the weaving technology. Thus the Department has obtained the first developmental technology of this kind in the Slovak education system.




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