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Craft as children’s leisure time activity

Eva Ševčíková

Craft as children’s leisure time activityThe wide range of creative workshops, daily camps, short-term and long-terms courses proves that the craft, in the variety of its forms, is, at present, one of the attractive and, at the same time, accessible possibilities of a meaningful leisure time use. The ÚĽUV’s School of Crafts is an umbrella title for all ÚĽUV educational activities for children and adults. The Regional Crafts Centres in Bratislava (since 1999), Banská Bystrica (since 2004) and Košice (since 2013) secure their organisation. The courses are aimed at school age children. They quickly master the basic techniques and, subsequently, learn to develop them in a creative way. However, it is also the position of the tutor which is important. He must have several prerequisites for this job. In addition to an excellent mastery of the craft he must be able to work with children in a suitable manner. The educational system is comprehensive offering various options ranging from the initial familiarisation in creative workshop, through excursions to long-term courses and holiday programmes. For children it is a unique opportunity to come across traditional crafts. Simultaneously, the craft work develops their fine motor skills, imagination and reasoning in a given material. Children’s products serve as gifts pleasing the whole family and thus bringing joy and positive emotions.




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