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46 feet

Dominika Kubičková

46 feetDuring her study stay in Norway and reflecting on both the northern and the Slavonic artistic expressions, Dominika Kubičková has decided to create a textile design for interior curtains. She was inspired by the surrounding countryside, the way of life but also an interesting phenomenon of human feet in snow. The shoe design was transferred to the textile while using the traditional blue print technique. She called the collection of curtains 46 feet. She has applied two approaches in the composition of the shoe sole imprints. One was directed to a free composition where the result evokes a trodden pavement. The second compositional approach creates a design by a regular placement of pairs of shoes and their imprints next to each other. Also the design for a child’s bed canopy has been created by the regular arrangement, while placing children’s shoes in horizontal bands going from the biggest to the smallest. The author’s aim is to address people and try to show that the blue print can be applied also at present, in the present conditions and with the present demands for the aesthetics of textile accessories.



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