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World Wood Day in China

Agáta Petrakovičová

World Wood Day in ChinaIn mid-march, wood carver and worker Jana Pilátová, with her daughter Veronika, represented Slovakia in the gathering of woodcarvers from all around the world called World Wood Day. The seminar and symposium took place in southeast China in the city of Xianyou, in Fujian province. It is a region well known for furniture production and the creation of traditional Chinese furniture.
Year 2014 marked the 13th anniversary of its occurrence. In China, gathered wood carvers and artists from more than 50 countries. The meeting comprised of seminars, symposium, and presentation of crafted works. This year's theme was tradition, motherland, cultural heritage, and protecting the natural environment with applications in the industry and markets. Participants of the meeting had to their disposition 360,000 square meters of the entire shopping center Classical Art Expo City. The conclusion of the meeting of masters of woodworking was the planting of trees behind the shopping center. Sponsors of the event were Chinese shop and furniture organizations.



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