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Through Thick and Thin

Mária Hriešik Nepšinská

Through Thick and ThinAt the Design Studio ULUV under the name, Through Thick and thin, from mid-may has been ongoing the remarkable solo exhibition of the wedding jewelry by Hany H. Kašičková. The author decided to exhibit her work, to which she dedicated studio time in a wide range of artistic jewelry to design solitaires. The choice fell on engagement rings and weddings rings, even though in Slovakia this is not standard gallery art. Their exhibition in a gallery moves them into the plane of artistic artifacts. Even the author herself sees it as an original form of art, which she crafts to her customer's orders. The uniqueness of the rings are underlined by the author's approach, variety of symbols, letters, numbers, and organic forms in their precise craftsman execution.
The artwork is presented on a lavish wedding table, which does not skimp out on festive table settings, flower bouquets, or even a wedding cake. Parts of the table setting are also individual stories behind the wedding rings, which the author presented in written form on textile napkins. In them, she describes the circumstances of the piece's origin: from the first meeting with the fiancés to the design process and finally to the final form. These detailed descriptions and sketches complement the framed photos of weddings and engagements found on the walls. They complete the idea of for whom the rings were personally created.



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