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Ján Krnáč – heritage of leather and metal

Pavel Habáň, Eva Ševčíková

Ján Krnáč – heritage of leather and metalThe inclination for Ján Krnáč to dedicate himself to leather craft came from the folk festival in Detva. He tried to fill the demand in shortage of folk production with products specific to characteristics of his homeland. His relationship with traditional handicraft production however runs much deeper. To this craft he has given over 40 years of his life. Originally he was a metalworking machine repairman.
In 2013, John Krnáč earned the certificate of qualification as a Master of Folk Art Production for his manufacturing of traditional pastoral leather products and preserving original Slovak folk products such as folk costume accessories made of leather and metal. He won the award for producing in a manner that respects original technology, traditional implementation of material, as well as recognizing regional shape and unique decorative features of various folk costumes areas. His folk jewelry which is decorated with self-made tools, stamps is also a unique attribute of Ján Krnáč. His production follows generations of proven traditional practices in the design and decoration of leather and metal. His krpce (peasant's shoes), belts, and satchels belong among true representations of traditional Slovak folk culture today.



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